Funny Sayings

Don't get caught with "egg on your face" with these sometimes funny, sometimes thoughtful questions - all using the zaniest idiomatic sayings guaranteed to increase language arts skills.. and smiles!! Ages 8+

Funny Sayings 2 - Sports Idioms

You're batting a thousand when it comes to good conversations with these entertaining questions, each using a popular sports idiom from baseball, boxing, horse racing, and more.  Ages 10 to adult.


How well do you know your family and friends?  Find out with WordTeasers:  Junior - 150 hilarious conversation started with vocabulary words kids should know by 6th grade.  Ages 8+

Small Fry

Get young kids talking , laughing, and learning with this box of lively conversation starters.  The whole family will enjoy these fun and challenging questions, each one including a key word kids should know by 2nd grade.  Ages 4-7.