Waboba is the original water bouncing ball, designed in Sweden. Famous worldwide for its internationally patented superior durability and performance, Waboba balls promote physical, social and cognitive skills. Encourages year-round active play, and approved for special needs use by the National Lekotek Centre, Able Play Rated.

Waboba Pro

The Pro Ball has a heavier core under its tough neoprene skin, and is engineered for athletic control and accuracy in the lake or ocean. Size: 60 mm

Waboba Fetch

Dog's Best Friend. • Water-retrieval toy for water-loving dogs. • Firmer core for extra durability. • Perfect for playing fetch at the beach or lake. • Designed to bounce on water only. Size: 60 mm

Waboba Extreme & Extreme Bright

The Wild One. • Bounces fast, far, and high. • Best for the lake, river and ocean. • Grab one for your next water adventure! • Designed to bounce on water only. Size: 56 mm

Waboba Street

Rule the Street! • Bounce it, spin it, or curve it. • Unique shape gives it an unpredictable bounce • Great for agility training • Wall ball anyone? Size: 63 mm

The Big Kahuna & Tropical Kahuna

The Big Kahuna is Waboba's biggest, most versatile ball yet. At 90 mm in diameter, it is easier for the novice or younger player to grasp, and slower to travel for an easier catch. The soft texture of the ball has excellent properties for persons with special needs. Comes in vibrant colours and patterns, for an attractive and easy to find ball. Perfect for the lake, pool or beach.

Waboba Flyer

Fun Air Sport! • Hit it sky high • Use hands, knees, feet, or rackets • Great for hand-eye/eye-foot coordination • See how long you can keep it off the ground Size: 20 mm


Keep your drink cold, and your Waboba balls bouncing! • Neoprene beverage holder • Super-high quality • Fits most cans and bottles • Cheers to keeping life fun!