The RingStix game is a unique outdoor activity, which promotes exercise and coordination. It can be played anywhere, by multiple generations, in windy conditions, in water and on land. RingStix is a simple but fun innovation on the traditional game of catch, easy to learn and guaranteed to attract attention and curiosity from observers. Get ready to make new friends who want to join in! Unique characteristics include the ability to adapt to solo play for exercise and eye-hand coordination, two player fun and competition, and the use of multiple sets for group play accommodating any combination of age or numbers. Full set includes two Stix, and a red ring. All components float. Winner of multiple Toy Awards, including Tillywig Best Family Fun, Best Toys Guide, ASTRA Best Toys for Kids, Dr. Toy 10 Best Active Play, Noise on Toys Award of Excellence, CTTC 3 Star.