Pacific White Fish Rub
This rub is specifically fashioned for white fish, lake fish and shellfish. Try adding a little white wine, lemon or orange juice for an even bolder taste!

Italian Style Rosemary Rub
Preferred uses include roast potatoes, pork tenderloin, chicken breasts and grilled vegetables. 

Sea Salt Fusion Veggie Garnish
Adds color, crunch, texture and flavor to cooked vegetables and grains. Simply sprinkle on just prior to serving. 

Garlic Lovers Passion
Use wherever you would use lots of garlic. A must for sauteing mushrooms and prawns. Mix with butter and and add a dollop to you mashed or baked potatoes for a simply mouthwatering dish! Excellent in caesar salad dressings as well.

Lamb and Game Rub
This rub is an excellent choice for stronger flavored meats such as lamb and game. Ideal for stove top cooking, oven roasting and barbecuing. Try combining Lamb and Game Rub with Dijon mustard for some extra zing!

Steak & Rib Rub
If you love beef, this is the ‘must have’ seasoning rub for you. BBQ Steak & Rib Rub is a superb choice for roasts and veal, pork and lamb chops as well.

Curry Rub
The subtle tastes of the Tropics along with just a hint of curry gives this rub a multitude of uses. Superb on winter vegetables such as roasted yams, sweet potatoes or squash. Also excellent on chicken, prawns, pork chops and tofu. Try adding some to your soups and curries too!

Beer Can Chicken Rub
A remarkable rub for the BBQ guru in your family. Crispy golden brown skin on the outside, tender juicy meat on the inside. No beer can… don’t dismay, our BBQ Chicken Rub compliments any grilled or rotisserie chicken. 

Jerk Rub
A true Jamaican style jerk (but without the heat)! Everyone in the family can delight in this full bodied, hearty and robust rub, packed full of ethnic flavors. If you love jerk flavor, this one’s for you!