Sharone Hakman has always been the guy behind the grill, and now he’s the man behind the sauce. His goal? To redefine bbq and elevate it with real body, developed flavor, and sophistication.  Here he describes his collection of BBQ sauces.

Chipotle Habanero

I nailed the perfect balance: spice, sweetness, smokiness, and bourbon smack! Bottom line, it is your ultimate secret weapon. I cooked my way onto a hit television show and TV’s toughest food critics loved the sauce. Now I’m bringing the bottled stuff to you.

Habanero Pineapple

I’ve eaten my way all around the world but whether growing up in my own neighborhood or traveling abroad, Latin flavors have always been a constant in my life. Meet Hak’s BBQs new fiery addition: a robust balance of sweet, zesty and explosive heat!

Smoked Maple Mustard

I take a global approach to BBQ flavors and I made no exception with this South Carolina inspired new addition. Maple syrup is smoked for depth and sweetness and the perfect blend of whole grain mustards deliver texture along with a tangy finish. Put in on everything! I certainly do

Thai Chile Tamarind

My chef career took me on a culinary journey through southeast Asia where I created recipes fusing local ingredients with my Mediterranean roots. The result? Hak’s BBQs east meets west addition, which combines the deep sweetness of dates, tangy tamarind, bright lemongrass and the richness of sesame oil.