It’s 1935 in Java, Indonesia.
A young couple has just opened up a modest café in town, and their friend, who is an herbalist, stops by. He’s just created a chewy candy, and can’t wait to share it with the couple. Even though generations have passed since those first candies, the same family crafts our ginger chews using the same timeless recipe and ingredients!

While doing this, we want to care about the world in enduring ways. One way we care is the 20-plus year relationships we have had with our factories and farmers, sustaining the livelihoods of hundreds of families.

We work to continuously improve how we impact the environment for our children’s sake. Our Impact Initiatives include the solar panels at our headquarters, which save the earth from 730,000+ lbs. of greenhouse gases annually. Thinking hard and deep on the timeless means that sustainability is built into how we make our candies! Every recipe teaches us something about ourselves, about our world, and about the joy of sharing great tasting, naturally inspired recipes.